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Pendelton, OR Location

(541) 969-6756

My name is Kelley Spencer, and I am dedicated to bringing you an opportunity to cast your precious memories in stone. My husband Brad and I have three beautiful young daughters, and we had the opportunity to see the casts done on our oldest two, and we were sold on the product. I am currently the owner of First Impressions Hand Casts in Pendleton, OR. I am looking forward to spreading the chance for you to capture your memories in time as I have, because as we know, they don’t last too long.

We are located in Pendleton, Oregon. We are mobile, we can travel to Homes and Hospitals. Other costs may apply.

These casts are great gifts for Weddings, Births, Anniversaries and many more special events in which you want to capture that special statuette.

Please call and we will make an appointment. The Appointments are fast and easy! We are excited to hear from you!


-Brad and Kelley Spencer

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